Hello There


Dear Reader,

If you exist, I’m honoured that you’re here! Welcome to what will be an interesting, and maybe sad attempt at a blog. One thing I can promise about it is inconsistency. Inconsistency with the posts and the content. I enjoy writing, but I am not an aspiring writer. If you like what I post, great! If no one ever even sees any of the posts that’s okay too.

I’m currently working on two pieces that I’ll post when they’re finished. I’m also drinking some instant coffee, that I instantly regretted that I made. Why? Well, last time I drank this particular brand of instant I was in an airport lounge in Thailand and it came with a cockroach……the powerful sensory memory makes me recall the feeling of the roach in my mouth, which I quickly spat out onto a spoon, while remaining calm and composed. The memory makes me want to puke. Why don’t I just dump the nasty instant coffee? BECAUSE I’M NOT A QUITER.

Anyway, reader, you fantastic mythical beast. I’ll make a contact page so you can email me if you ever have any questions or things you’d like me to write about.